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Technical Engineer

1.Educational level: College degree or above;Professiona;Science and engineering.

2.Men and women, age: 20 to 35.

3. Priority:Optics and electronics or Working experience in opto-electronic industry

4. Salary:In Person

Equipment Engineer

1.Educational level: High School diploma;With an electrician’s license.

2.Men,age: 20 to 35.

3.Work Experience:Equipment maintenance.

4. Salary:In Person

Regular employees

1.Educational level:Junior high school or above.

2.Men and women, age: 18 to 45.

3.Can Bear hardships and stand hard work, no bad habits, good health can be.

Address: Industrial Undertaking Park, Economic Development Zone, Yizhang County, Hunan Province, China

Contact: Ms. Xiang 19173591529 Ms. Zhou 18973535890