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LCD structure

Date: 2016-06-30 14:49:52

LCD main components
1. The glass: on extremely smooth glass surface evaporation a layer of In2O3 conductive metal, commonly known as ITO;
2. LCD: in 1888, the Australian named lenny ´(F.R einitzer) scientist, a strange organic compounds synthesized, it has two melting point. Its solid crystal when heated to 145 ℃, then melt into liquid, just cloudy, and all the pure material melt when it is transparent, if it continues when heated to 175 ℃, it seems to melt again, become clear and transparent liquid. The following year, lenny ´send the sample to Germany O.L ehmann, please work for inspection. Lehmann to confirm this material presents optical anisotropy, and in the light of this "both liquid and optical anisotropy of liquid crystal" features, called "liquid ?